The Bridge of the Blessed Ford




I entered a large village divided into two by the river . . . There was much mire in the street ; immense swine lay in the mire, who turned up their snouts at me as I passed. Women in Welsh hats stood in the mire, along with men without any hats at all, but with short pipes in their mouths ; they were talking together ; as I passed, however, they held their tongues, the women leering contempt-uously at me, the men glaring sullenly at me, and causing tobacco smoke to curl in my face ; on my taking off my hat, however, and inquiring the way to the Monachlog, everybody was civil enough, and twenty voices told me the way to the Monastery. I asked the name of  the river :

The Teivi, sir : the Teivi.

The name of the bridge ?

Pont y Rhyd Fendigaid

The Bridge of the Blessed  Ford, sir

George Borrow, Wild Wales (1862)

A  brief look at the history of the village

Cipolwg ar hanes y pentref

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The Bridge of the Blessed Ford

J.G Wood (1811)

I weld cynnwys y wefan hon, cliciwch y botwm canlynol